Brigade Branding

BRIGADE Branding

Building a badass brand.

BRIGADE started out as a one-woman show back in 2005 in Kirsten’s dining room. We have come a long way since then. Fast-forward to today: with fourteen creative and talented bodies working as one to accomplish the tasks of many, we had outgrown our old identity and it was time to renovate.

The challenge was to create a new identity that tells the story of our core values as well as commemorate our old identity and how far we’ve come:

The result is an identity that tells this story through a deconstructed logo and modern silhouettes of team members, celebrating the sum of our parts as well as emphasizing our brand as a whole. The juxtaposition of intricate lines and solid bold colors creates an identity that captures the craftsmanship and modern aesthetic that is uniquely BRIGADE.

In 2014, we purchased an old car garage in Hadley, MA to call our home for our growing family. With the help of an impressive construction crew, Kirsten’s impeccable taste, and our team’s expertise in various aspects of making a kickass home, BRIGADE is now all grown up! Our new space is modern, beautiful, and defined, while maintaining the integrity of what used to be.

Next step: filling up the space with furniture, art and bodies. Wall art series honoring Hadley’s deep agricultural roots? Check. A gorgeous dining table by local carpenter Eric Mann? Check. Badass light fixtures? A comfortable common space to collaborate? Elegant but bold signage? Check, check, and CHECK.

Though our first major identity overhaul is complete, BRIGADE never stops. We are always thinking of ways to improve, create, and have a great time doing it – because at the end of the day, we do what we do because we love what we do. And as we continue to grow, our identity will absolutely evolve. But until then, we will continue on as we always do. We will challenge. We will solve. We will forge ahead. Because we are BRIGADE.