Mother Nature’s
favorite drive-thru.

BRIGADE worked with partner consultant Eileen Arbues as N2O Group to help Burgerville, an aging northwest restaurant chain, revitalize itself. Together we devised a strategic road map that addressed everything from menu and recipe shifts to new branding, positioning, sponsorships, point of sale, tv spots, advertising and packaging.

The award-winning packaging we created was both colorful and informative. It not only showcases the native wildlife of the Pacific Northwest but allows Burgerville to more effectively discuss their innovative business practices in a relatable way.

The copy we wrote tells a playful and engaging story that appeals to both children and adults alike. It also allows Burgerville to reinforce their environmental practices in a palatable and likeable way.

In addition to illustrating and designing the various packaging components, we also worked closely with printers to navigate production requirements. The curvature of the cups and the give in the pulp paper were just two of the obstacles that we considered throughout the design process.

BRIGADE also handled monthly point of sale, merchandise design, print ads, billboards, the naming and design of their mobile restaurant and a series of 15 second television commercials.

The effects of our work produced staggering results for Burgerville. The packaging was featured on The Dieline and is included in their Top 100 packaging for 2012 (#51). Please visit N2O Group for more information.