3 Reasons A Creative Agency Should Be Doing Your Digital Marketing

BRIGADE’s Digital Marketing Team explains why hiring a creative agency to manage your digital marketing is a smart idea. Here are three key reasons:



And who creates better content than a creative agency?

It’s what we do. Whether you need a video, photo, infographic, gif, or any other type of visual (hint: your strategy should include all of these types of visual content), a creative design firm has got you covered.

At BRIGADE we have experience managing digital and social media marketing strategies as well as content creation, and take it from us: it is more difficult to produce quality content than it is to strategically distribute that content through digital channels and analyze the resulting metrics.

We aren’t downplaying the importance of digital marketing here. Ideally you would have both quality visual content AND a solid digital strategy, but given a choice between the two we would choose quality content every time. People engage with content. The world’s best digital strategy would be useless without amazing content. It’s content that goes viral, not a strategy document or project plan. Plus, the human attention span has dropped down to 8 seconds on average which means the most eye-catching and interesting content will take the lion’s share of attention.

Think of it this way: does it really make sense to hire a digital marketing agency that is going to outsource most of its creative work to a creative agency anyway? You’re better off just going straight to the source.


Case Study: Kim Crawford Wines

We created award-winning social media content for Kim Crawford Wines that is immediately eye catching and appealing. See more here. 



One of the most important parts of creating a great brand is consistency.

Everything – every advertisement, every press release, every web page, every social media post – needs to reflect the overall brand with its messaging, colors, language, and so on. But many companies forget about their brand identity when they outsource digital marketing or have inexperienced employees handle it in-house, and many digital marketing agencies will not even take it into consideration.

Think of a brand like Starbucks: their photos and videos all have the same vibe, their language is always consistent (from web to social to print), and everything seems to just make sense. We get it – your company probably isn’t Starbucks and probably can’t produce the quality and quantity of content that they produce in-house.

So if you want your brand to have a kick-ass, consistent presence online and off like Starbucks, you’ll need to hire an agency to do it. And no one knows how to create brand consistency online and off better than a creative agency that specializes in doing just that.


Case Study: Ramblewild

With Ramblewild, we made sure the brand was consistent – from high quality custom photographs and text overlay images for social media, to print and other traditional materials. See more here. 



Let’s look into the crystal ball for a moment.

Here is what we see: content continues its reign over digital marketing, and digital channels continue to advance technologically while increasing in popularity.

This will mean two things: 1) companies will be able to more easily share content of varying formats to more people through digital channels; and 2) expectations for high-quality content will skyrocket.

In this day and age, and even more so in the future, you will need high-quality visual content in order to stand out from the pack. If you’re publishing content that isn’t branded and badass, if it’s bland and boring, you might as well not waste your time.

More and more companies are taking to social media and other digital channels like Google AdWords to engage their customers, but those companies that continue to rely on an undermanned, inexperienced in-house digital marketing team (because, let’s face it, you’re not Starbucks) will be left by the wayside. Likewise, those companies that entrust their digital efforts to an agency touting strategy and nothing else will fail to meet their customers’ expectations for outstanding content.


So, what can you do to prepare for the future of digital marketing? Come see us.

At BRIGADE, we understand the importance of creating a kick-ass brand that’s consistent across platforms. That’s why we don’t just focus on building awesome brands and designing standout packaging for products, but also on growing and improving your brand’s presence online using strategic digital marketing. And as a creative agency at heart, we have the advantage of 20+ designers, creatives, photographers and stylists who can create engaging and on-brand content that is sure to get attention.


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