Frontier Snacks // Frontier Bites

Frontier Snacks // Frontier Bites

The next frontier
in snacking.

Frontier Bites is a unique, energy-packed snack, made up of only eight simple ingredients, that is redefining the natural snack category. The culmination of a dream shared by two brothers, Frontier Bites was inspired by the desire to improve the quality of the energy and granola bar market by avoiding the use of any artificial ingredients.

BRIGADE was asked to rebrand Frontier Bites to focus on the quality of their product and the inherent value of knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body. Our challenge was to create packaging and an overall visual language that would not only tell the Frontier story and reflect the brand standards, but also have tremendous impact on shelf.

We focused on communicating Frontier Bites’ authenticity in a world of greenwashed products, where devices like kraft paper have become a cliché. We wanted to craft a brand that would help reeducate consumers who have come to expect artificial, unhealthy ingredients from snack foods through a versatile design which could compete across multiple aisles on shelf.

We started the design process by focusing on the product: eight simple ingredients combined into a snack that was delicious, natural, and healthy. By showcasing the ingredients we were able to highlight quality and bring it back to basics – just as the brothers did with their unique recipes.

In addition to designing the new line of packaging, we also developed the language, crafted the story and wrote all copy to appear on the single serves, bags and display boxes.

Drawing our inspiration from vintage botanical illustrations, which were originally created to help understand the basic components of plant species, we were able to educate the consumer on the simple, unadulterated ingredients of Frontier Bites, while continuing to pay homage to the ‘New Frontier’ story that helped influence the brand.

By contrasting a classic aesthetic with a modern color palette and typographical treatment, we were able to create a bold identity that’s fresh, delicious and inviting.