Greenlight Planet // Sun King

Greenlight Planet // Sun King

Transforming the world
one light at a time.

Greenlight Planet is a company on a mission to deliver safe, clean, and inexpensive energy to the two billion people in the world without access to electricity. Originally designed to serve rural India, Sun King solar lamps are now used by more than 10 million people in more than 30 countries.

The team at Greenlight Planet approached BRIGADE to help them break into the U.S. market with a new brand identity, brand story, and line of packaging for its Sun King products. The client wanted to better communicate with the US consumer and leaned on BRIGADE as a design resource and strategic partner.

One of the challenges Greenlight Planet faced was that the U.S. consumer did not understand how a solar lamp could fit into their lives. To overcome this, BRIGADE focused on aspiration, lifestyle-driven graphics and language. Wherever possible, packaging was designed to suggest a rugged and useful product ready for an outdoor lifestyle.

BRIGADE also used technical illustrations and clear depictions of how the product could be used to communicate the lamps’ tool-like utility. It was important to speak to the practicality of Sun King solar lamps and we did so with beautiful infographics and clear, brand-relevant language. Not only did this teach the consumer how the product works, it allowed consumers to picture how they could use it in their own lives.

Originally, Greenlight Planet did not have a concise way to talking about the amazing mission they were on around the world. BRIGADE worked to craft a new and compelling way for the company to speak about itself and transformed their mission into a movement. We wanted to gain the attention of conscious consumers to spread the word about the award-winning Sun King products that are transforming the world one light at time.

BRIGADE is proud to support the mission to end energy-inequality in the developing world. We encourage you to get involved. Learn more about the Greenlight Planet mission here.