Little Red Dot // Bak Kwa

Little Red Dot // Bak Kwa

Fun to say.
Fun to eat.

Bak Kwa is a delicious and protein-packed meat snack inspired by the vibrant street food scenes of Singapore and Malaysia. Little Red Dot, the company behind this product, gives this Malaysian snack a California twist by using only the freshest and most natural gourmet ingredients to make a sustainable and healthy snack.

BRIGADE was charged with designing a line of packaging that made Little Red Dot’s Bak Kwa feel approachable and fun. The packaging needed to live in the beef jerky aisle but also needed to stand out as a different type of snack. Its target market is health-conscious moms and families.

As a name, ‘Bak Kwa’ has the potential pitfall of feeling unapproachable and too foreign. BRIGADE was very mindful of this and addressed the concern from several angles. First, we added a pronunciation key and a tagline that made light of the odd name.

We added a playful animal-shaped product window to give the consumer a peek at the food and a nod to the fact that it’s a meat product.

It was very important that consumers were encouraged to interact with the packaging to learn about Bak Kwa’s brand story and nutritional value, so we used a friendly and familiar color pallete with matte a finish to lure consumers into taking the product off the shelf.

BRIGADE created a logo that speaks to the back story of Little Red Dot, a nickname for Singapore that is rich in history — it’s a nod Singapore being small but mighty. It also captures the playfulness of the brand with a smile.

BRIGADE introduced ‘Dotimals’ and custom iconography for visual storytelling.