Lola & Penelope’s

Lola & Penelope’s

A journey from chihuahua
to chi•wow•a

Lola & Penelope’s, St. Louis’s premier Pet Boutique and Wellness Center, approached BRIGADE seeking a fresh new look. During the last few years, L&P’s has been in growth mode: opening a second brick-and-mortar location and massively expanding their online presence. BRIGADE’s first task was to design a new L&P Shopify site. We organized their best products into curated “collections” and reskinned their homepage with a more chic, fashion-forward look.

We injected the fun back into the brand with a bit of sassy copywriting, drafting descriptors like “Scrub it Down and Fluff it out with the Dirty Dawg Collection: Shampoos & Conditioners for a Coat You’ll Want to Show Off” and “Look Fierce When You’re on the Prowl with the new Catwalk Collection: Purrrfect Fashion-Forward Looks That’ll Turn Heads.”

BRIGADE also created a comprehensive social media toolkit for the brand. The kit served as a how-to guide for creating engaging online content: advice for taking photography, writing captions, using of hashtags, etc.

Our toolkit included various campaign directions, themed content categories like “Awww: Tiny Little Things that Make your Heart Go Ping,” “Travel: A Look into the Lives of the Jetset Pets,” and “Style: A Toast to all the Haute Dogs and Cool Cats Out There,” to give L&Ps a jumping off point for future posts.

We also included a few out-of-the-(litter)-box marketing strategies. We suggested L&P’s offer customers monthly themed subscription boxes, offer an in-house pet photobooth. And we designed a number of promotional materials, like stickers for bags, stamps for shippers, and custom embroidered aprons.

We stocked the store with custom L&P’s merchandise like coffee mugs and cute t-shirts for both dogs and humans.

We designed printed marketing materials such as postcards, informational cards and in-store signage.