New Teacher Center

New Teacher Center

When we focus on teachers,
everyone succeeds.

Since 1998, NTC has partnered with school districts nationwide to provide educators with the support and resources necessary to succeed from their first day to their last, making an extraordinary impact on student achievement.

NTC came to BRIGADE for help at a critical juncture in the institution’s history: while in the past NTC had grown their business organically, through word of mouth, it was time to kick off a proactive new sales initiative. That meant a complete overhaul of NTC’s outdated brand identity and the development of a hard-working new sales tool that would bring the NTC story to life in full color, inspiring school district decision makers all across the country with the proven impact of a partnership with NTC.

NTC programs are so results-oriented, we thought their collateral should be results-oriented, too. That’s why we put the evidence first, designing a data-driven brochure that highlights NTC’s impact on its partners.

Structurally, the brochure needed to feature a folder to house a modular collection of informative one-sheets that sales reps can customize according to their clients’ needs.

The one-sheets feature custom infographics designed by BRIGADE to simplify some of the knotty but critical program content for prospective clients.

The 8-panel accordion design of the folder allows the story to unfold dynamically.

To give the NTC team a clear and consistent frame for talking about their work process, we developed proprietary language and visuals for Build, Support, Sustain. We also delivered a large library of icons for web, trade show, and other print applications.

The collateral system was so successful, the client requested that BRIGADE create Trade Show materials and environmentals inspired by the same design.

We also created an elegant series of letterhead, business cards and stationary for the NTC sales team. The NTC collateral project was a wonderful opportunity for us at BRIGADE to expand on our previous work creating a brand identity for NTC, starting with the organic, hand-painted logo mark that captured the NTC story of one teacher making an exponential impact on her community.

BRIGADE’s design gave the NTC brand a new aura of professionalism and authority while tapping in to the human touch behind its extraordinary success. The Brand Book we developed to outline applications for this new identity gave NTC the tools and assets to maintain the authority and consistency befitting its leadership in the marketplace.