Quench Products

Quench Products

Bring the
bar home.

Quench Products, creators of proprietary barware tools, came to BRIGADE looking to put a little twist on their existing packaging.

First up was their line of existing master tools. We redesigned their existing packaging with custom icons, new copy, finessed product renders, and as a nod to their intended use, placed the cocktail imagery behind the tools themselves.

To compliment the revamped packaging we designed a series of whimsical eblasts that were being sent to potential retail buyers. Taking a cue from the ingredients of each featured cocktail we created layouts that were alive with color and movement.

Next was a revamp for their line of Bar10der tools. For their standard tool series, we had to first render the product image itself to optimize its presence in both digital and printed pieces. We then finessed the existing packaging with updated icons, color cues and copy. We also developed a special line of packaging for their premium Bar10der series.

This tool, available to select retailers, was offered in two premium finishes – stainless steal and vintage oak. We created new renders, custom icons and introduced a darker color palette to give the packaging a high-end feel that would stand out on shelf.

Bring the bar home.