Relativity School

Relativity School

The first and only website
of its kind in education.

Relativity School, the first and only school of its kind created with a major Hollywood studio, began with the goal of changing the world of education as we know it. They came to BRIGADE in 2013 looking for help developing a unique and identifiable look and feel for their new endeavor. What began as a dream became a reality in the summer of 2014 with the launch of their 100+ page website and their first semester as an accredited institution on the horizon. The journey that brought us there was filled with video art direction, script writing, mini websites, custom brand books, trade show booths, and every piece needed to build a Hollywood brand in between.

How do you capture Hollywood magic and still pay tribute to the craft behind the scenes? You create a website that’s both enticing and informational and has the breadth and caliber to overcome the hurdles of an inaugural year. It was our largest undertaking for the new institution, and we made sure the information heavy site was thoughtfully laid out, visually stunning and simple to navigate to appeal to potential students.

With over 100 pages full of educational requirements, student resources, course catalogues and institutional information, we made sure we retained the artistic spirit of the school while maintaining academic integrity through custom backgrounds, thoughtfully crafted menu bars, and unique visuals to broke up the text and bring the content to life.

The finishing touch was the development of custom brand books to ensure the look and feel we developed was able to be carried throughout all of their printed and digital materials for years to come. Freshman – welcome to Hollywood.