San Franola Granola

San Franola Granola

Bridging the gap
in the granola aisle.

San Franola spent twelve years perfecting their health-centered granola recipe and BRIGADE’s packaging aims to reflect the pride of craftsmanship that goes into each bite. With a brand identity that is firmly cemented in the hills of San Francisco, our goal was to drive an aesthetic that was unquestionably SF without relying on tired photorealism that often goes hand-in-hand with location-based identities. In short, we wanted the packaging to tell a smart and sophisticated story that would make the product stand out.

San Franola is the first granola maker to implement single serve packaging and we accentuated that by using an unconventional tall and slender box; when combined with the gusset bag, both packages emulate the Golden Gate bridge’s height and its iconic gable design.

With a revised portfolio of five flavors, in 2013 BRIGADE helped San Franola build out a complete family of products. Our primary focus was to develop color pairings that were appetizing, vibrant and consistent with San Franola’s recipes which were built on nontraditional ingredients like toasted chia and ginger snap.

The typography and design were also revisited to feel more playful, more approachable, and more indicative of the product’s powerful protein and nutrition content.

Our award-winning packaging was featured on The Dieline and has been integral in securing funding for its national launch. You can spot San Franola on all Virgin Atlantic flights, in the kitchens of Google and Facebook and soon on the shelves of Whole Foods.