Serpent’s Bite Whisky


Taking a Bite Out
of the Whisky Aisle.

In 2014 BRIGADE was approached with a brand name and bottle concept for Serpent’s Bite Whisky – an all-new spirits brand set to launch the following year. The task was to bring the brand to life at every touchpoint from bottle artwork to point of sale support; our mission was to build a badass and dynamic brand that was striking and memorable on shelf and off.

Creating a logo mark for Serpent’s Bite was an extensive and exciting process. BRIGADE was provided with a beautiful initial bottle concept for the brand and with pen and ink in-hand we took that concept and translated it into an icon. In a process that took months and more than 300 serpent illustrations, we handcrafted a badass tattoo-style icon that would come to life on a bottle and represent the brand nationwide.

Our vision for the brand’s key visual was for a bottle of Serpent’s Bite Whisky to be tightly intertwined with a dark, ominous serpent. We wanted the serpent to appear to be defending the bottle – ready to strike at any moment. This serpent was to feel as though it was the embodiment of the brand – brooding, badass, and ready to strike. An apple was included for appetite and appeal and to communicate the brand’s unique apple cider profile.
Concept in-hand, we combined forces with an incredibly talented 3D renderer and spent months studying snake anatomy, rendering apples, and photographing textures to ultimately create a spectacular key visual that brings the brand to life in trade ads, on and off-premise point of sale, and digital media.

Without the historical cache of more established whisky brands, Serpent’s Bite was an opportunity to create a moody, emotive, and iconic key visual that focused on bringing the brand to life rather than explaining the craft of whisky making. The result was striking.

With the key image and bottle completed, BRIGADE set out to create the materials to effectively launch Serpent’s bite in the national marketplace. The use of dynamic point of sale helped the Serpent’s Bite brand make a powerful impact in the cluttered spirits marketplace.

Along with a strong in-store presence, BRIGADE created an array of on premise pieces that were distributed in bars nationwide. These out of the box materials helped Serpent’s Bite thrive. Temporary tattoos, fuzzy dice, a four person shotski…Serpent’s Bite rocked it all.

Next time you’re strolling down the whisky aisle don’t be surprised if you see Serpent’s Bite Apple Cider Whisky jump right off the shelf in your direction. #BiteTheNight