SVEDKA // Branding


A relationship built
on vodka.

SVEDKA Vodka is a spirits brand known for being premium, progressive, and chic and we have been their design partner since 2006. Working closely together, BRIGADE has been a part of SVEDKA’s meteoric rise with award-winning campaigns that have helped SVEDKA become the #1 Imported Vodka in the United States.

In addition to helping SVEDKA win two Effie awards in 2008 and 2010 for Outstanding Marketing Campaign, BRIGADE has been responsible for SVEDKA’s paper materials such as recipe brochures, sales kits, and drink menus.

We have designed or produced SVEDKA’s out-of-home materials – ranging from billboards to subway station takeovers and vehicle wraps.

BRIGADE is responsible for creating coherent on and off-premise campaigns for new flavor launches, holidays, and special occasions. In addition to a wide range of paper materials, these campaigns frequently utilize die-cut cardboards and plastics to create layered and immersive campaigns.

We also handle materials for press events that are
featured on television and in online and print media.

BRIGADE restyled their previous site and designed a website for SVEDKA.

We created and maintain a brand book for SVEDKA that spans 100+ pages.

We are proud of our partnership with SVEDKA Vodka and are just as proud of all of the amazing award-winning work we’ve accomplished with them.

To see more in-depth explorations of our work with SVEDKA, please explore our SVEDKA Shipper Redesign and our Rorschach-inspired SVEDKA Point of Sale campaign.