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SVEDKA Shippers

Thinking outside
the boxes.

BRIGADE was asked to redesign SVEDKA’s entire shipper lineup in 2013.

We approached the project by prioritizing smart and versatile design. We wanted to create beautiful shippers which would be striking on their own and strategic when combined with other shippers. Our goal was to design a lineup of bold shippers that would interact with a retail environment instead of becoming lost in it.

The final lineup of SVEDKA shippers feature bright, heroic bottles in clean, Pop Art inspired compositions. Each shipper is finely detailed with a minimalist execution that playfully echoes Scandinavian design.

When multiple shippers are arranged together, that clean composition transform itself into a wide range of patterns; each set of shippers can be arranged to create beautiful butterfly-like compositions which command attention in-store and give retailers a great deal of flexibility. Instead of becoming background noise, SVEDKA’s new shippers become part of the main display.