Wyndham Hotel Group

Wyndham Hotel Group

15 Unique Brands.

The world’s largest and most diverse hotel company approached BRIGADE in late 2015 to help them capitalize on a recent report, which showed that each of their 15 hotel brands had identities that were not being capitalized on in brand materials. The challenge they presented to BRIGADE was to develop 15 separate brand books that would visually evolve each of these unique personalities, while keeping them distinct so they could serve as a foundation for other brand materials in the future.

Each of the 15 brand books showcase separate uses of typography, colors, photo treatments, iconography, and patterns to capture the spirit of the individual hotel chain.

To ensure that each of these diverse books still felt like part of the larger Wyndham Hotel Group, several of the interior pages shared some common layouts and the body copy was standard across all the books. The fonts, patterns, icons, photo treatments, and colors have gone on to be featured in videos and other promotional materials for each of the hotel chains.

The brand books were featured at Wyndham’s global conference and expo in Las Vegas in 2016.
BRIGADE’s work on these brand books has led to more in-depth brand refreshes for both the Travelodge and Hawthorn hotel chains.