YesTo Carrots

YesTo Carrots

The stopping power
of vegetables.

YesTo Carrots is a skin care brand that’s taking the world by storm by democratizing organic, natural skin care and making it accessible to all.

BRIGADE has worked with YesTo on various projects over the last few years. In this case, BRIGADE was tapped to create their first-ever advertising campaign. We brought their fruits and veggies to life in this stunning series of wild postings whose stopping power helped sales spike and generated even more brand love.

YesTo Guerilla Campaign: This series of posters brightened up the winter sidewalks in Denver and supported street team efforts with their stopping power.

Because of the success of the campaign, YesTo extended the characters for new product launches.

Most recently we worked with them to overhaul their brand voice and signage. In an ever-more competitive natural skincare market, YesTo asked us to help differentiate them from their competition. We observed that while many other brands claim to be natural, YesTo is unique in that it is natural and effective–leading us to create a new tagline for the company: ‘It’s not just natural–it’s super natural’. Likewise, we designed a new set of icons to help YesTo visually indicate what each of its products accomplishes.

BRIGADE also created promotional materials for the YesTo Seed Fund partnership with Whole Foods. The promotion focused on building school gardens through their non-profit Seed Fund and included printed materials, a Facebook micro-site and a redesign of the Seed Fund logo.